Not standard

I need some personal space, just for myself.

I’m tired.

Everyone look in the same direction.


I’m really tired. It’s always the same.

You can get together and keep looking there.

Give me space.
Give me space.


I’m just exhausted.

I want to admire the landscape maybe…

I’ll look into space, ahead.

Looking forwards my future. My perspective, changed.
Looking forwards my future.                                                                My perspective…changed.


I’ll look forwards the future.



Gema Albornoz

Safe Creative #1407310132411 Creative Commons License

4 comentarios sobre “Not standard

  1. One of the problems I have with poetry sites in English is that I come across a fair bit of undisciplined writing – by which I mean the poems are far too long. I believe that poetry should express what the poet wants in as few words as possible; which doesn’t mean all poems must be short … but only that they don’t keep on re-hashing the theme …

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  2. Well, that depends on many things because sometimes there are wonderful poems with a long extension and you are delighted to read it because the poem attract you with the rhythm or the rhyme, the topic, etc…but personally I prefer to say a lot with a few words…in poetry…not in narration…hahaha…:D

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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